Busy Mom? We’ve Got a Scholarship Just for You

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Would you want to work at a job that requires you to be on duty 24/7 – most of it on your feet – attending to grumpy, screaming clients, with zero breaks, zero pay, and (more often than not) zero gratitude? What if I told you that millions of individuals join this profession every year? That’s right: it’s motherhood.

If you are a mom, chances are pretty good that in the last week you’ve played the role of maid, nurse, doctor, personal chef, tutor and chauffeur (to name a few.) Though demanding, motherhood can also be a julietta casino online very rewarding experience: supporting your kids through success and failure, watching them grow up, chase their dreams, and hopefully have kids of their own. But what happens when being a mom gets in the way of your dreams? If you had to put your dream of pursuing a college degree on hold because life happened you’re not alone!

Like most people, you’re probably thinking about how all of this applies to your own situtation: JoAnn Felix, a mother and scholarships4moms winner from Utah, was all too familiar with this dilemma, saying, “One of my biggest concerns about going back to school was how I was going to pay for it.”

As difficult as it may seem to work classes into an already busy schedule, about one quarter of all undergraduates in the United States are parents, and nearly half of those are single mothers. Those with a college degree can earn significantly more than those with a high school diploma alone: a difference that could help you pay for a home or even your childrens’ college.

Sometimes between kids, bills and life, the money just doesn’t isn't there. That’s where an opportunity like scholarshis4moms.net comes in. This scholarship was created to help busy moms pursue their educational dreams since 2005.

“The funds received from this scholarship will help me to complete my education which I would not be able to do [otherwise].” said Donna Coleman, a scholarship recipient from Louisville, KY.

Single mothers often spend over half their income on housing expenses and a third on childcare. Without financial aid of some sort, single mother students have little or no means to contribute financially to their education expenses. Not everyone has the luxury of a substantial savings account or financial support from friends and family to help offset expenses.

Brenda Mouzon sums it up nicely: “I’ll be able to accomplish my goals…I’ll be better equipped”

Being a professional mom doesn’t have to mean giving up on your dreams. With one of the twelve $10,000 scholarships from scholarships4moms.net every year, you can be a great mom and a great student.

What can you achieve with $10,000 towards your education?